Integrating Screens, Surrounding the Customer, Extending the Dialogue…

“No single brand is powerful enough to satisfy customer expectations. This is the era of collaboration.”

Life is a constant process of change. The life of a consumer is not a simple dichotomy of online or offline. Today’s consumer is exposed to a wide range of different media types: TV screens, computer screens, mobile screens, outdoor screens, digital signage, OOH advertisements, kiosks, etc. Today, the challenge we face is not dominating one of these screens but integrating them. Therefore, our goal is to surround our customer with fully integrated screens.

It's not a monologue any more. Web 2.0 brought us dialogue between brands and customers. Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs and multiplayer games are all part of the mix. Consumers want to interact, play, and express themselves, so we must create interactive environments.

There is no guarantee that we will be able to connect with the same customer twice. We reach the customer with various types of media. Do we track their behavior? Can we continue our communication in a focused manner? As a result, we must integrate every media channel, create opt-in consumer databases and long-lasting community programs.

Finally, customers always want more than they had before. They are more conscious about opportunities, they want more added value. Corporations have to offer so much more than what their current product provides. No single brand is powerful enough to satisfy customer expectations. This is the era of collaboration. Therefore, brands must collaborate and create co-branded promotions to enhance their ability to please their customers.