Mobilera to start its Middle East operations through setting up a joint venture in Dubai
Mobilera has recently established Mobilera Middle East in Dubai, where Mobilera owns 70% of the Company.

Mobilera Holding B.V., a leading mobile marketing and advertising company certified by internationally recognized by being listed amongst the world’s 10 biggest and best mobile marketing companies in August 2010, is continuing its global expansion in the Middle East after its recent acquisition of Blue Harbour in Portugal. Mobilera has recently established Mobilera Middle East in Dubai, where Mobilera owns 70% of the Company.

The objective of the Middle East Company is to grow Mobilera’s community marketing services for telecom operators in the Middle Eastern and North African countries. Mobilera, over the years has developed a unique community marketing know-how and solution, where subscribers of telecom operators enjoyed the benefits provided through a combined bouquet of GSM and non-GSM offerings. These offerings ranged from discounted minutes and SMS prices to free movie, concert and event tickets, and fast food, retail, fashion brand, entertainment center discounted offers. The segmented marketing approach geared towards providing appropriate offers to a predefined group of subscribers increased the response rate and customer satisfaction, which therefore attached subscribers to their telecom operators. Telecom operators have also enjoyed this unique approach since it helped increase their subscriber base and their revenues per user.

Mobilera has designed and managed loyalty community clubs for five telecom operators in five countries covering more than twenty million subscribers to date. These clubs were targeted towards youth, business and women communities, each with specific targets to accomplish, which they all had surpassed in a lesser time than initially planned.

Baris Oney, the CEO of Mobilera Holding B.V. said “We are very enthusiastic to bring our most innovative technology and CRM based community marketing offerings for telecom operators in the Middle East. What we try to achieve is to have the digital world meet the real world through these telecom communities for the consumers. We expect to see an increased demand from consumers as operators start benefiting from our services”.

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